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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy (vegan) Halloween

While searching the Internet, I found these great tips for those of you with vegan children who are going trick-or-treating tomorrow.
 "Trick-or-Treating Tricks:
  • Warn your children not to eat any candy until they bring it home for sorting.
  • Decide in advance with your children how they will dispose of their non-vegan candy so there are no surprises and no arguments. Options include homeless shelters, non-vegan friends, the trashcan, or businesses.
  • Often people give out several different candies (chocolate and non-chocolate items). Show your kids the list of vegan candy in advance and advise them to select the vegan candies at houses that offer such a choice.
  • Go trick-or-treating with a group of vegan kids and parents so that your kids aren't the only ones in the group with dietary restrictions.
  • Create a special, all-vegan goodie bag for your kids and swap it for the candy they bring home in their pillow case or bucket.
Trick-or treating isn't the only way to spend Halloween. Older kids often have Halloween parties. If your vegan child is attending a non-vegan Halloween party, find out what they're serving and try to send the vegan equivalent. Be sure to send your child with a goodie bag so he or she doesn't feel left out. Alternatively, you can throw your own Halloween party and invite the neighborhood kids, your child's friends, or the kids from your vegan family group. Here are some tips for having a fun and successful vegan Halloween party. "
You can read the full article here: Vegan Trick or Treat Tips

Also, here are some general Halloween safety tips.

Have a happy, safe vegan Halloween!

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