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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Favorite Vegan Snacks

I work at nights as a sitter for an elderly woman who has dementia and lives in an assisted living facility (ALF). I am basically there to make sure she doesn't fall out of the bed at night. Of course, the ALF doesn't serve food at night and the snacks that they have aren't vegan. Therefore, I must bring my own food. Here are some of my favorite vegan snacks.

1. Applesauce
Since becoming vegan, I have been choosing much healthier snacks than before, and it has been great for my waistline. My mom tells me that the first 'real' food I ever had was applesauce. She said my grandfather gave me a taste and I immediately demanded more. Since then it's been one of my favorite foods. The kind that I like the best is the individual cups of cinnamon applesauce. Yummy!

2. Raisins.
I love them because they are nutritious, taste great, and are very easy to take along me.

3. Carrots.
I love snacking on baby carrots because I love their texture and taste.

Dole Fruit n' Gel Bowls

These gel snacks are great for three reasons: 1). they are made without gelatin, 2) They contain chunks of fruit, and 3) Most flavors are completely vegan! I say most because the ones with the red coloring use cochineal, which is derived from a dead insect of the same name. Depending on your level of strictness you may want to avoid those flavors. The pineapple in lime flavor is vegan, and it is wonderful.

Nutrigrain Peanut Butter Granola Bars.
Not all Nutrigrain products are vegan, however I read the label on these bars and could not find any dairy or egg products. I like them because they are a source of whole grains and protein. They are a great source of energy on the go!

Now for the not so healthy snacks.


Yes, Oreos are vegan! My favorite is the double stuffed vanilla cookies. They are LOADED with calories, but they are GOOD. I only eat these occasionally.


I love chewing licorice.

Those are my favorite vegan snacks. What are yours?

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