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Friday, October 28, 2011

For the ladies: vegan menstrual products

This post is for the ladies (but you men are welcome to read it as well and pass the info on to the women you know). Today I will be talking about vegan menstrual products. For years, I used what most other women I know use: disposable pads and tampons. I would wear them once and toss them out, not thinking about how much waste I was putting into the landfill or what chemicals my vagina was absorbing. I also didn't realize that some of the major brands of pads and tampons, like Always, Stayfree, and Tampax, are made by companies which still use animal testing! As I got older, I began to notice that when I wore pads the moisture and friction would cause me to chafe very badly. It got to the point where it was painful to walk. At about the same time, I became aware of enviromental issues and how we humans are destroying the planet. My goal ever since I was a young teenager has been to become a midwife, and I read everything that I can about women's health. So I began to look into alternative menstrual products. That was when I made a wonderful discovery. I found out about menstrual cups. Menstrual cups are made of either rubber or silicone. They sit up in the vagina like a tampon, but instead of absorbing the fluid, they collect it. Best of all, they are reusable (I've had my cup for almost two years and many women have had their cup for a decade or more!), have NEVER caused TSS, and are vegan. Menstrual cups provide great protection and you can wear it during all your activities. I've worn my cup while swimming, running, dancing, doing yoga and even karate.

There are several types of menstrual cups out there, but since the majority of this blogs readers are in the USA and Canada, I will highlight the brands that are available (and best of all, made in) North America.
The first is the one I use, the Keeper/Moon Cup

The Keeper/Moon Cup

Don't be intimidated by how it looks. This menstrual cup is super flexible and very comfortable. You can't even tell it's in there. This is a Moon Cup. It is made of 100% silicone and is made in the USA. It is approved by the FDA. It comes in two sizes: Size A for after childbirth and size B for women who have never given birth. The Keeper is made by the same company as the Moon Cup and looks exactly the same. The difference is that it is made out of rubber. The cup costs $37 (including shipping). That may seem steep at first, but when you consider that you can use one cup to take care of your entire menstrual cycle for a decade, it more than pays for itself!

The Diva Cup

The Diva Cup is very much like the Moon Cup. It is made in Canada and approved by the FDA and Health Canada. It also comes in two sizes and is made of silicone. It costs about $40.

You can buy these menstrual cups both online and in many local health food stores. For more info, please visit these websites:
The Moon Cup/ Keeper
Moon Cup/Keeper offical website

The Diva Cup
This site has a ton of info about menstrual cups. Great for newbies!

If you don't want to use menstrual cups, you still have plenty of green, vegan protection options. Many women have started home buisnesses making and selling cloth menstrual pads. These are great because they are vegan, enviromentally friendly, and support small businesses. I have a few cloth panty liners that I use as backup for my cup on heavy days, and they work great! I also have a cloth menstrual pad that I keep in my purse in case I am "suprised" and without my cup. That is a rare occurance, but it did happen last month. The pad was much more comfortable than my old disposable ones! Here are some of the many handmade cloth pads available on Etsy!

Moonthly Pantyliners $14 for 6.

I have ordered several pantyliners similar to these from this seller and they are great! You can get them here:

Cloth Menstrual Pads $44 for 2. This seller also has single pads for $15.

These pads are meant for very heavy flow. They are made from vegan fleece, vegan flannel, terry cloth, cotton, and nylon. Plus, they have Hello Kitty. Can't get any better. Get 'em here:

That's all for now!

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