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Monday, November 14, 2011

Vegan Men and Stereotypes (The Herman Cain Statement)

As you may have heard recently, GOP candidate Herman Cain recently made some pretty insulting remarks about vegan men. In an interview with GQ magazine, Cain reportedly said that "manly" men like their pizza's covered in meat and that veggie pizzas are "sissy pizzas". You can read the full quote and story here:

This got me thinking about some of the stereotypes surrounding vegan men. Unfortunately, many meat eaters do see veganism as "girly" and will attempt to paint vegan men as weak or effeminate. Statements like the one Cain made reveal a defensiveness about meat eating (because deep down they know it's wrong) and a deep seated homophobia that is sadly still common in this country. All I can say is I am very glad that I decided to join the Green Party because they actively support and speak up for both animal and gay rights!
Once, when I told two older male friends of mine that I vegan, one of the things they said to me was something to the effect of "well then how is a guy supposed to take you out to eat?" Obviously they assumed that all straight men are meat eaters. Many people seem to think that traits such as kindness are a bad thing for men to express. As a woman, the thing that I find most attractive in a man is a caring heart. I like men who are not afraid to express their feelings and stand up to injustice and cruelty. I would love to marry a vegan man one day and raise one or two happy, healthy vegan kids. What the people who believe this stereotype don't realize is that it takes tremendous strength to go against the crowd and speak up for what is right! Vegan men deserve a lot of credit for staying true to their beliefs in spite of such nasty attacks.

If you are a vegan man who is in need of some support, I would encourage you to visit Vegan resources for vegan men It has links to several articles and books written for vegan men by vegan men.

What do you think about the stereotypes about vegan men? Have you or anyone you know experienced prejudice because you are a male vegan? Feel free to leave a comment and tell me your story.

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