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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Earthlings documentary

A couple of nights ago, I re-watched the documentary "Earthlings". I had seen it before about a year ago when I was a vegetarian, but I thought it would be good to see it again as a vegan. "Earthlings" has been called "the vegan maker" and once you've seen it, you can see why. The film exposes the horrific abuses of meat and dairy farming, fishing, whaling, circuses, and the fur trade. The images are graphic, but powerful. It presents evidence that I believe even the most ardent omnivore can't ignore. The image that sticks with me the most is the footage of the dog that was SKINNED ALIVE at a fur farm. It was truly sickening to see that kind of abuse, but it needs to be seen. I'd definitely encourage everyone to see this film at least once, even if your already a vegan. It's a great film to show your non-vegan friends and family if they really want to know why you are a vegan. Best of all, you can view the movie legally for FREE at it's official website

Once you've watched the film, feel free to come back here and give me your impressions of it. I'd love to hear your input.

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