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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Product Review: HerbanLuxe Vegan Mascara

Hi, I'm back with another vegan product review! Recently, I have been looking for 100% vegan eye makeup that is also safe for sensitive eyes. As you know from previous reviews, I found a great vegan mineral eye shadow on Etsy (from a seller called MadisonStreetBeauty ). Since then, I'd been looking for a vegan mascara. I looked at the offerings from the mainstream brands that don't test on animals, but all of them contained non-vegan ingredients. So I decided to check Etsy and was happy to fins a seller called HerbanLuxe who makes vegan mascara in both black and brown. She had a sample size of brown mascara for a total of $8.50 including shipping, so I decided to give it a try and bought it. The mascara arrived this afternoon and I tried it on immediately.

I LOVE this mascara. I wore it for about 5 hours (mostly indoors, except for walking the dog) and even spent 20 minutes jogging (again indoors) while wearing it. There were no smudges or clumps and it did not irritate my eyes. It should be noted that this mascara is NOT waterproof, so I wouldn't recommend wearing it if you know it will rain or there's a high chance you'll cry. But if your looking for a high quality, affordable vegan mascara, I recommend that you give one of the ones below a try. I for one will definitely be buying the full size version when my mini one runs out!

The mascara comes in both black and brown, with mini and full size versions of both available. The full size costs $12.50 including shipping.

Brown Mini Mascara $8.50 including shipping. Get it here: Brown Mini Mascara

Brown Full Size Mascara $12.50 including shipping. Get it here: Brown full size mascara

Black Full Size Mascara $12.50 including shipping. Get it here: Black Full Size Mascara

That's all for now. Bye!


  1. this mascara looks really great. Love to know no animals were used!

  2. Definitely worth a try, my contacts are always bothering me and my makeup just add another irritant

  3. thanks for the info, i have been looking for a vegan one that wasn't expensive

    - amy c.

  4. I have been dying to try the black mascara! Her Etsy shop has some products that sound amazing, and love that they are vegan.


  5. Such a great mascara! I'm always game for vegan makeup :)

  6. THe consumers can make this a kinder gentler world by buying 100% vegan. This vegan eye makeup that is also safe for sensitive eyes.

  7. I was recommended your product by another Etsy seller, but was hesitant that it would hurt my eyes and not hold a curl to be perfectly honest. Clearly, I was a a fool! After that comment, I do not expect to win. I will be trying your mascara now. Buying vegan products is the very least we can do to help our earth. Good on you for making a difference!

  8. I have been looking for a new mascara. Throughout the day some how most mascaras run into my eyes and end up burning and just being all around unpleasant, I will be checking this kind out for sure!

    -Ashley Irene

  9. A friend of mine has your mascara and she absolutely loves it! It glides on her lashes ever so smooth and makes her lashes appear longer and thicker, without causing clumps! With all that said I would most definitely consider trying this fabulous mascara out :)

  10. I love HerbanLuxe vegan mascaras. My favourite was the Navy colour because I liked my eyelashes different. But for waterproof black, they are great for traveling in humid weather with good black pigmentation.

    Here's my review and photos:

    If you are all interested! Thanks! X